THWIPB Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: Wearing son’s underwear to masturbate

“Does your son have a computer in his room?”


“Turn it on, I want to see you play with yourself on your son’s bed.”

Zhao Wenze was turned on by those words and an itching feeling was resurging in his body, but he was still semi-hesitant, “I’ll dirty the bed.”

“A little stain is fine, it won’t be noticed. Thinking about your son sleeping on the bed you stained with your lewd water, doesn’t it excite you?”

It would be May 1st in a few days, Xiaobao would be returning soon. Imagining his docile and sensible son sleeping blithely unaware on the bed his father stained with his lewd water, Zhao Wenze felt inexplicably horny. The bedsheets were deep blue, so even if there was a stain it wouldn’t be obvious. “Ngh, but I don’t know if has a password.”

“We’ll only know if you turn it on.”

The screen lit up and there wasn’t a password, and the folders were nicely organised, just a few study guides and materials. Zhao Wenze was relieved, his son was indeed a studious and hardworking student, he never committed something that would disappoint his parents. 

After hanging up the phone, he opened up the messenger software and entered his account details. He turned on his video and audio feed before putting on his earphones. The computer was placed next to the bed, the earphone’s wire length was just nice. 

“Pull out those fake cocks, rub your pussy against the bedsheets.”

Zhao Wenze obediently pulled out the vibrators, all the cum that was trapped in instantly gushed out. The narrow holes couldn’t withstand that empty sensation and twitched rapidly. The bells on his privates were ringing with an unstoppable ‘ding ling’ sound. He quickly spread his thighs to massage his cunt against the bed, this position barely relieved the horny itch on the outside, this movement only had a minimal effect. It felt as though thousands of ants were biting the deepest parts of his insides, it was unbearable. “Can’t take it… It’s not enough…”

“Bear it, do you know where your son keeps his underwear?” The man had no plans to satisfy Zhao Wenze, rather he asked an unrelated question.

“Don’t… Don’t know…” At this point Zhao Wenze wasn’t in the mind to figure out where his son’s underpants were. 

“Find them.”

Zhao Wenze endured his urge and thirst, he got off the bed to find his son’s underpants. After flipping through the entire closet, he finally found it in the drawer beneath the cabinet.

He didn’t expect the order to put them on.

Zhao Wenze casually slipped on the black underpants, just that his ass was too big. Though the elasticity of the pants was just right, it was still undeniably tight. The meat on his ass that couldn’t be wrapped were squished outside the underwear.

The man’s breath from the earphones was getting heavier and heavier, it seemed as though this stimulating image was raising his blood pulse.

“Master… I want to…” Zhao Wenze mounted his son’s bed and squeezed the bed quilt between his legs. Separated by his son’s underwear, he rubbed his penis and pussy, the bells on his clitoris and labia were pressed against his sensitive lewd meat. The flesh around his entrance was numbed at that moment and his insides felt unbearably empty. 

Both his hands clutched onto the bedsheets and his teeth gritted on the pillow cover, he was worried that his loud moans would be heard by his wife. His ass was raised up and shook around lewdly, the tightly stretched underwear sunk deep into the crevices of his ass. Following his twisting motions, the fabric rubbed his asshole that was empty too.

“How can you be so horny? It hasn’t been that long and you can’t stand not having something inside? Slut, how can you be so desperate for a fuck?” The man wanted to find out how sultry Zhao Wenze would look like if he didn’t get a fucking. “Being so unrestrained on your son’s bed, wearing his underwear. What was once used to wrap your son’s dick is now tightly rubbing against your pussy that is dripping uncontrollably. It’s been drenched transparent by your pussy water, do you want to be filled?”

“Ngh~ Ah ngh~ Ngh ngh ha~ Don’t… Ah~ Don’t… Stop talking… Ngh~ Ngh~” He couldn’t help hugging the quilt, he imagined that it was a real person and clenched onto it while swaying. Both his hands wrapped his swollen breaks and pressed them against the quilt, the quilt was quickly drenched with milk.

“Your lascivious butt came in your son’s underwear. Place the soaked underwear back into his closet. When he returns home, he won’t realize that the dried underwear had been worn by his father, it had once been drenched, and he won;’t realise that his underwear smells like his father’s pussy, ignorantly wearing it on his body.

“Don’t… Ngh ah~ Ah~ Stop talking… I… Ngh~ I can’t take it… Ah wu~ I… feel so uncomfortable… Ngh ah~ I can;t take it… Ha~ I beg of you… I want to be fucked~”

“Can’t take it? FIne… Other than the vibrator, you can use anything else in your son’s room to play with yourself. Of course, you can’t remove the underwear.”

Can’t use the vibrator… Other than the vibrator he brought over, he didn’t know what else in his son’s room could be used to stuff him. 

All of a sudden, the thermoflash on his son’s table came into view. This bottle was something Jiang Sha bought for him, it was long and sleek, as well as very beautiful. However it was feminine looking so he barely used it. 

Zhao Wenze noticed that the bottle was slightly thicker than the flower vase, his pussy that had been altered by the doctor was much more elastic so it should be able to fit in. He let go of the quilt and picked up the bottle. He layed back on the bed and opened his thighs, one of his hands pulled away the fabric stuck in his cracks and the other pointed the base of the bottle towards the cunt. 

“Wait, you want to play with the bottle? Take off the cap and put the bottle’s opening in first. Don’t pour away the lewd water that drips in.”


“Don’t you want your son to taste his father’s lewd water?”

“Who would drink such strange things…” No one would drink this stick liquid up front. 

“At that time mix in some milk and let him drink it.” The man’s mouth felt parched as he licked his lips, as though he was intrigued in that eccentric liquid.

Zhao Wenze used a single hand to hold open his labia, he pointed the bottle’s opening towards the love hole and slowly pushed it in. Initially the top of that sturdy hard bottle inflicted some pain, for the sake of the pleasure that would come he had to bear the pain. 

He was worried that if the bottle sank too deep it couldn’t be taken out, so he left the strap of the bottle outside. After using it, the bottle didn’t feel like a real person’s after all, it was cold and hard, it wasn’t as comfortable as a vibrator. However recalling that this was his own son’s belongings, the pleasure it brought to his mind was greater than what it brought to his body. 

His front had been satiated, but the emptiness in the back was blatantly obvious. His eyes swept across the room and it laid onto the penholder on the desk, it was filled with numerous ballpoint pens, brush pens and what-not. He grabbed a handful of pens, he peeled open his butt to push in the pens one by one.

“Ah~ Xiaobao… Ngh ha… Daddy’s pussy… is going to be played broken… Ah~ ah~ Ngh ah~”

Zbao Wenze flipped over onto all fours, he turned his bottom towards the camera. One hand held the base of the bottle to push it in and out, the other reached towards the back to rapidly pierce his butthole with the pens. The large pair of milky white tits were pressed against the quilt, one would worry if it would burst from being squished…

“This old slut… who is your son? Still so slutty as this age, with an ass thats begging for a fuck, and has bells on his pussy. Aren’t you worried that others will find out how slutty you are?”

Zhao Wenze was drowning is a sea of lust so he didn’t hear the criticism from the other’s words. 

“Ah ha~ Ngh ha~ Xiaobao… Do you know? Daddy is in your room… Ah~ Wearing your… Ngh~ Underwear, using your bottle to fuck pussy… Ngh~ Ah~ Inside the asshole is also… also ah~ stuffed with your… ah~ pens… your… ngh~ under… underwear has been… worn… ah ha~ worn wet by daddy… daddy’s lewd water… is all over the bed…”

Listening to his lustful moans, the voice behind the earphones was getting deeper and more hoarse, “Slut, you’re so sultry… you can even lust after your own son, who else can’t fuck you?”

“No… no one else… Ah~ Daddy is just a promiscuous slut… Anyone… Ngh~ Anyone can fuck me…”

“Pei… This slut can’t part from fucks. When your son returns, are you really going to spread your ass to beg for a fuck?”

This old slut was getting sluttier as he aged. He was born to be fucked. He was clearly an object to be fucked, how could he marry such a pitiful woman

“I… Wu~ Ngh~ I dare… Ah~ I… I can’t take it… Ah~ ah~”

Looking at the screen with that sluty old man losing himself to a bottle and pens, that snowy white ass in the video feed was twitching uncontrollably. The mysterious man behind the screen trembled and shot his load.

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  1. i hate the motherfucker but god damn he knows how to make somebody react as possible credits to the author fr


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